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MI Optometrist - Dr. Gerald Blaize


Since becoming an eye doctor, Dr. Blaize has practiced in both corporate vision care and private practice vision care settings. He prefers private practice where personalized care and patient satisfaction are his main priorities. He values the individual relationships and the rapport he develops with each patient.

Dr. Blaize has been continually studying with top specialists so he can provide the best possible care. In addition he has acquired the most advanced diagnostic equipment so he can best manage and co-manage glaucoma and most other eye related diseases.

With extensive knowledge in prescribing and fitting contact lenses, Dr. Blaize is able to determine the best possible lenses for each patient. He has broad expertise with all contacts even for hard to fit patients. He focuses on identifying the individual needs of each patient and choosing what is best for them. After Dr. Blaize fits the contacts he carefully follows up to make sure all of the patient’s expectations are met.

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